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Eco-Cities Conference
Zhuhai Daily, Zhuhai, China (June 2012)

John David Beutler Speaks at Eco-City Conference

A New Livable China
Energy Foundation Annual Report (2011)

Calthorpe Associates has been working extensively in China in recent years; this work is highlighted prominently in the Energy Foundation's 2011 Annual Report, including case studies in Kunming and Chongqing.

Peter's Planning Op-Ed
Planning, March 2012

"Why I Won't Give Up on High-Speed Rail", by Peter Calthorpe. Planning, 2012-03-01.

New Book Released
Rizzoli, April 2012

Sustainable Urbanism and Beyond, edited by Tigran Haas and featuring a new article, Urbanism and Climate Change by Peter Calthorpe, has been published by Rizzoli and released worlwide.

American Dream 2.0
Calthorpe Associates, April 2012

Peter Calthorpe responds to a recent opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal by Wendell Cox, "California Declares War on Suburbia."

NRDC in support of HSR
NRDC Switchboard (January, 2012)

Kaid Benfield references Peter Calthorpe's recent Op-Ed piece in making a strong case in support of California High Speed Rail.