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The Next American Metropolis: Ecology, Community, and the American Dream

Peter Calthorpe, Guidelines with Shelley Poticha

The environmental economic, and social limits to growth in our metropolitan regions are reaching crisis proportions.  The Next American Metropolis: Ecology, Community, and the American Dream advocates a fundamental change in our pattern of building.  In addition to defining a new direction in planning this is a how-to book – providing the means as well as the principles for change.  Author Peter Calthorpe's guidelines are neither an architectural manifesto nor a utopian proposal; they describe alternatives now shaping the debate over growth in communities across the United States. 

Comprehensive in scope, they simultaneously address the housing, traffic, environmental, and social problems inherent in sprawl.  This is a book for architects, engaged citizens, urban planners, environmentalists, and housing activists – for people seeking to understand their present conditions and develop a vision of a sustainable future.

"California architect and planner Peter Calthorpe has moved beyond suburb bashing and published an intelligent, coherent vision of humane, walkable, ecologically sound cities that could shape American development into the 21st century."  
-Utne Reader

"In a nation hell-bent on segregated suburban sprawl, Berkeley-based architect peter Calthorpe strives to create mixed-use communities that are 'environmentally sound, economically diverse, and socially progressive.' (And they're so well equipped for daily life that residents can walk, bike, or take public transit between work, schools, shopping, and home." 
-Metropolitan Home