San Jose, Costa Rica

Situated just 8 km west of the San Jose metropolitan area, Montealgre will serve as one of the first true mixed-use communities of this scale in Costa Rica. The 80 hectare site in divided into two different lots of land by the Pan American Highway and is bounded in the south by the Rio Virilla and in the north by Road 106. Currently a non-working coffee plantation, the Montealegre site will be developed as a mixed-use community with small blocks and parks, along with auto-free streets and small motor streets for cars.

The plan creates a pedestrian-friendly environment where residents, workers and visitors alike can enjoy the benefits of a walkable environment. A major freeway provides unparalleled accessibility to the site and will connect people to work, home and other outside locations. Trails and open space systems will connect the site to the surrounding areas. The mixed-use and office centers will make Montealegre a prime commercial node.

Illustrative Plan of the overall design
View from the south
Detail Illustrative Plan - North
View of the Town Center
Detail Illustrative Plan - South

Project Summary



Portafolio Inmoviliario (San Jose, Costa Rica)


District Master Plan


Master Plan for 80 ha (198 ac) site


2016 (In progress)