San Jose, Costa Rica

The Teran site is located 7 km east of the metropolitan zone of San Jose. Teran enjoys access to transit on its southern border, but lacks visibility and direct access from any major highway or freeway. Given its lack of direct connectivity to the Pan American Highway, the Teran project must offer a truly unique and first-of-its-kind experience to the residents of San Jose.

The Teran project takes advantage of all the existing natural features of the site and incorporates an urban fabric that complements and balances the built and natural environments. The proposed transit station to the south of the site will offer a most needed transit alternative to the residents of Teran and to people who wish to shop or work at there. The plan for Teran offers safe, dense, urban neighborhoods with access to local and regional retail plus a vibrant employment center.

Illustrative Plan of the overall design
Town Center Illustrative (Ground floor)
View of Town Center
View of Village Center
View of ??

Project Summary



Portafolio Inmoviliario (San Jose, Costa Rica)


District Master Plan


Master Plan for 68 ha (168 ac) site


2016 (In progress)