All Systems Go! Long Range Transit Plan


Austin Region, Texas

Central Texas, and in particular the Austin Region, is facing significant growth with mounting pressure on existing land, environmental resources and an increasingly congested roadway system. To manage this growth, a long range planning effort was initiated by Austin’s Capital Metropolitan Transit Authority to develop a comprehensive transit strategy for the region. The resulting ‘All Systems Go! 2030 Long Range Transit Plan’ strives to capitalize on existing resources to craft a balanced and fiscally efficient plan that enhances mobility options, relieves congestion and improves air quality.

Leveraging the substantial transportation investment being made, HDR | Calthorpe examined the role transit infrastructure can play in organizing future land development patterns. Scenario development and modeling studies highlighted the benefits of coordinating land-use development with planned transit infrastructure. Compared to the Base scenario following existing trends, the Vision scenario relying on focused growth and increased transit ridership resulted in better congestion management and air quality as well as significant cost savings for local and regional governments and individual households.

2030 Transit Plan (Capital Metro)
Layers of 2030 Transit Plan
Alternative Scenarios (Pink is New Land Developed)
Scenario Modeling Sample
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Capital Metropolitan Transit Authority (Austin, Texas)


Regional Transit Plan


Regional transit planning project for Capital Metro Service Area