Amman Urban Strip


Amman, Jordan

The Urban Strip project involved the revitalization of a 4 kilometer (2.5 mile) long strip of land near Amman’s historic downtown. Located on the Seil riverbed, now an underground channel, the site forms a valley, overlooked by the Raghadan Palace complex and the ruins of a Roman citadel and amphitheater. Within walking distance from the Central Business District and the Hedjaz Railway station, the site enjoys excellent access and visibility.

Taking the site’s unique assets, topography and context into consideration, the design establishes a cohesive mixed use neighborhood that optimizes the site’s potential while enhancing livability and human scale. New uses include regional retail, offices, hotels, city-level civic uses and a range of housing types clustered around four new light rail stations. The plan introduces an automobile ‘couplet’ to maintain car access while removing barriers to pedestrian flow. Parks and plazas are strategically located and take advantage of view corridors. Focusing on livability, connectivity and job creation, the new neighborhood will enhance the surrounding community and Amman as a whole.

An overview from the west shows the design's seamless integration into the city
The project is anchored by a Roman amphitheater and lies within an urban context
The Urban Strip forms one district along a new cross-town rail line
Master Plan shows multiple uses clustered in neighborhoods around the rail line
An aerial rendering from the east
A neighborhood center includes religious and educational faclities, with retail

Project Summary



Limitless LLC (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)


Neighborhood Plan | Urban Infill


Revitalization of a 4 km (2.5 mile) strip of underutilized land near the historic downtown with a new mixed-use neighborhood (3,620 DUs | 600 hotel rooms)


Design completed 2007