Arezzo Structure Plan


Arezzo, Italy

Arezzo, a historic Italian city located in Tuscany, is facing the challenge of preserving its architectural and urban heritage while meeting development pressures and remaining a ‘living city’ catering to the contemporary needs of residents and visitors alike. The Structure Plan for Arezzo defines a new direction for the region’s growth, concentrating new development in existing centers and along proposed transit corridors while preserving the integrity of the historic core and the surrounding countryside.

As one of its key elements, the Structure Plan proposes a greenbelt that would preserve the unique relationship between the urban center and the agricultural lands that form its backdrop. Surrounding this greenbelt, a network of existing and new villages would be connected through a light rail network planned on existing rail tracks. By setting a pattern for development that counteracts auto-oriented sprawl, the Arezzo Structure Plan seeks to accommodate necessary future growth of the region while preserving its unique quality of life and also enhancing the tourist experience.

Regional Plan showing historic core and new growth areas
Picturesque Arezzo central core
Focusing growth in central areas helps preserve agricultural land, pictured here
Reigonal Transit corridors and primary growth areas
Street improvement plan for historic Arezzo
Contextual regional architecture

Project Summary



Commune of Arezzo (Tuscany, Italy)


Regional Plan


Urban Core elements and Regional Growth Plan


Design completed 2002