Austin Ranch


The Colony, Texas

Austin Ranch is a new mixed-use community in Texas featuring a series of pedestrian-scale neighborhoods designed to blend in with the natural environs and the existing community. The Master Plan incorporates residential, retail and office uses focused around a Town Center at the heart of the development. The street layout has been designed to handle high traffic volume while maintaining a human scale and incorporates an automobile couplet. A mix of high and medium density housing caters to a wide variety of residents, fostering a diverse neighborhood. A range of housing prototypes, such as the ‘Tuck-Under’, were developed for the project.

The plan complements the site’s rich visual landscape by varying block patterns and building types while using local materials and Texas ‘Hill Country’ architecture to provide a coherent feel. The natural features of the site have been preserved and augmented by active recreation facilities distributed throughout the site.

Tuck-under units with alley-fed parking
Multi-family housing along pedestrian walkway
Site Plan
Tuck-under housing with alley-fed parking
Neighborhood green at urban core
Pedestrian way between multi-family units

Project Summary



Billingsley Development Company (Dallas, Texas)


Neighborhood Plan


Master Plan for 300 ac (122 ha) site | 1,450 DUs


Design completed 2002 | Phases I, II, III constructed