Blueprint Denver General Plan


Denver County, Colorado

HDR | Calthorpe, in conjunction with Fregonese HDR | Calthorpe, developed a Transportation and Land Use Plan for the City and County of Denver. The existing zoning for the City was replaced with a plan that concentrates on the separation of uses into specific zones rather than specific uses. The Land Use and Transportation Plan examines the links between land use and transportation from a citywide perspective. The plan also looks at existing Denver ordinances and regulations and provides basic recommendations on how to implement them. Twenty-six 'Areas of Change' were defined as areas where redevelopment would most likely occur with the projected growth of Denver. Areas not chosen as 'Areas of Change' were classified as 'Areas of Stability'. These are primarily older residential neighborhoods where residents would like to keep the existing character. The Land Use Plan has helped these neighborhoods retain their character by providing regulatory tools for infill development.

Six 'Areas of Change' were selected for workshops that were led by HDR | Calthorpe. Examining the tradeoffs inherent in change and development, workshop participants crafted a solution for their future with icon chips and notes. Drawing from the results, HDR | Calthorpe drafted synthesis and illustrative plans and regulating maps for each of the specific areas. The workshops helped address and solicit information on neighborhood livability issues, traffic calming, transit service, congestion, and other important community concerns. They may also serve as a prototype for similar problem solving within the other identified 'Areas of Change' and the entirety of Denver County. 



Blueprint Denver General Plan, Illustrative
Blueprint Denver General Plan, identified 'Areas of Change'
East Colfax Avenue Illustrative Plan
Before and After images, East Colfax Avenue
Before and After images, Morrison Avenue
Before and After images, Jefferson Park

Project Summary



City and County of Denver Planning Department, Colorado


Regional Plan


County-wide study with six test sites


Plan completed in 2002