Bumi Jaya


Sidoarjo, Indonesia

Indonesia, like many emerging economies, is facing urban growth at an unprecedented rate. The typical pattern of urbanization has not only led to congestion and irreparable ecological damage but has also eroded the traditional community structure. In such a scenario, the collaborative efforts of HDR | | Calthorpe and Solomon Inc. aim at shaping sustainable ways of accommodating necessary growth.

The alternative development pattern proposed by HDR | Calthorpe/ Solomon for Bumi Jaya brings together villages, traditional Village Centers called 'kelurahan's and two Town Centers to form an integrated pedestrian-oriented community in which every household is within walking distance of a Center with its mix of civic, retail and office uses. The existing network of waterways and greenways is preserved and enriched; and auto usage reduced by clustering activity nodes along transit corridors.

Project Summary



Jayaland (Sidoarjo, Indonesia)


New Town Master Plan


New township for a population of 300,000 | 2,087 ha (5,155 ac) site area


Design completed 1997