Energy Aware Planning Guide


State of California, USA

HDR | Calthorpe Associated contributed “Smart Growth Development” guidelines, discussions, and case studies to the California Energy Commission’s (CEC) 2011 Energy Aware Planning Guide. Working as a subconsultant to Cambridge Systematics, HDR | Calthorpe contributed case studies about successful smart growth projects ranging from greenfield projects, to transit-oriented development (TOD), to commercial redevelopment, and industrial redevelopment sites. Each study includes a discussion of the opportunities and barriers associated with the project, and implementation strategies that served to the projects and planning processes.

CEC Energy Aware Planning Guide
Smart Growth Development Section
Orenco Case Study
Hercules Case Study
Uptown Case Study

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California Energy Commission


Sustainable Planning Guidelines, Energy Efficiency


Land use and smart growth planning content for the CEC Energy Aware Planning Guide