Chicago Metropolis 2020


Chicago Region, Ilinois

HDR | Calthorpe conducted a series of regional growth visioning workshops to develop community input for The Chicago Metropolis Plan, a regional growth vision sponsored by the Commercial Club of Chicago. The same business organization sponsored Daniel Burnham’s famous 1909 Plan of Chicago, which set out a bold vision for the City’s future but was left without an update for almost 100 years.  Chicago Metropolis 2020 recognized the importance of coordination and cooperation among the region’s 273 separate jurisdictions and brought together nearly 1,000 business, civic, and governmental leaders alongside the general public to establish a communal long-term vision.  Their input on education, economic development, taxation, governance, transportation and land use, and housing will help secure the Chicago Region’s preeminence in the 21st century. 

In order to engage workshop participants, Fregonese HDR | Calthorpe developed a computer-based model of the region to allow citizens, business owners and civic leaders to define how they would like to see the region develop during the next 20 years. Scenarios were created, choices were made, and a comprehensive plan resulted.  The Metropolis Plan: Choices for the Chicago Region, serves as a blueprint for building a better region.  It proposes a set of strategies for maintaining the efficacy of the regional transportation system; ensuring land is used efficiently; encouraging housing and jobs to locate near each other; preserving natural resources, farmland, and open space; and increasing the opportunities of all residents to benefit from the region’s prosperity. 


Project Summary



Commercial Club of Chicago (Chicago, Illinois)


Regional Plan


Update to existing regional growth strategy to accommodate expectations for 1.5m new residents and 800k new jobs by 2030


Plan update completed 2004

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Awards:    2004 Louis E. Burnham Award