Southern California COMPASS


Greater Los Angeles Region, California

The Southern California COMPASS Blueprint is a long-range vision for the Southern California region with a population of 17 million. The COMPASS Blueprint covers 34,000 sq miles (88,060 sq km) including 6 counties and 185 cities. The project engaged a diverse public in crafting alternative development scenarios for the region’s future. The COMPASS Regional Growth Vision that emerged through the process focuses projected growth to 2030 along major transit corridors and results in improved air quality, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, a reduction in roadway system impacts, expanded housing diversity, and reduced infrastructure cost.


Los Angeles Basin Visualization
Regional Plan Map: Composite
Regional Plan Map: Major Transit Lines
Regional Plan Map: Open Spaces and Corridors
Regional Plan Map: Economic Activity
Modeling Outputs (Growth Vision vs.Trend/Baseline)

Project Summary



Southern California Association of Governments (Los Angeles, California)


Regional Plan


Regional Plan for a 34,000 sq mile (88,060 sq km), 6-county Southern California region | Population 17 million | Included extensive community participation, scenario development and final Growth Vision maps and reports


2002 - 2005