Contra Costa: Shaping Our Future


Contra Costa County, California

Contra Costa County is home to some of the prominent suburban prototypes in the San Francisco Bay Area – economically challenged older neighborhoods; affluent enclaves set amid protected open space and maturing suburbs served by highways and rail transit. The county’s dramatic terrain divides it into five distinct sub-regions, each with a unique character. To unite these disparate communities and the county’s 19 cities, the county government launched an innovative new program called ‘Shaping Our Future’ to enable its residents to make judicious choices about how they want to manage growth during the next 20 years. This regional, unified approach is based on a community-oriented vision being developed by the resident stakeholders in coordination with professional planners and experts.

HDR | Calthorpe led a county-level visioning workshop as well as a series of sub-regional workshops to arrive at a preferred growth scenario for the county. Test sites in four cities further engaged the community in the creation of neighborhood level designs to reflect regional growth concepts.

Hands-On Public Workshop
Base Map of Environmental Conditions
Opportunity Site Workshop Map
Opportunity Site Base and Concept Plan
Opportunity Site - Site Conditions Map

Project Summary



Contra Costa: Shaping Our Future (Contra Costa County, California)


Regional Plan


County-wide growth management study for a 780 sq mile (2,020 sq km) county with a population of 975,000 | Included studies for four test sites