Domodedovo Regional Growth Plan


Domodedovo, Russia

Comprised of 38 districts, the Moscow Region is one of the largest metropolitan regions in Europe.  The recent expansion of the Russian economy, coupled with a severe housing shortage, suggest rapid regional growth in the near future.  Located just 20 kilometers (12 miles) south of Moscow, the district of Domodedovo is strategically positioned to absorb a substantial portion of that growth.  Several advantages, including its existing transportation infrastructure and the district’s expected population growth from 125,000 to 450,000 by 2020, have led Domodedovo to be named as a key element of the Moscow Region Development Plan. 

The Domodedovo Regional Plan presents an extraordinary opportunity to accommodate the reality of urban expansion without compromising the natural landscape that gives Domodedovo its unique character.  By focusing compact development along proposed transit lines, framing development with the district’s dense forests and extensive riparian network, and creating new opportunities for a range of housing and commercial developments, the Plan provides a comprehensive strategy to maintain the district’s integrity while playing a key role in Moscow’s growth. 

Concept plans for ‘Parcel 64’ and 'Parcel 69', two test sites, were developed to test the application of the overall design principles within a more specific, local context.  The 400 hectare (995 acre) 'Parcel 64' site, located adjacent to the M4 Don highway and with a rail spur to the site’s south, was selected for its strong transportation accessibility and the presence of dense forests, typical throughout the region.  The study serves as a model for a compact, transit-served community enriched with mixed uses and activities and complemented by its proximity to nature.

Aerial rendering showing nodes of development among preserved forests
Rendering of 'Parcel 64' plan shows a hierarchy of urban placetypes
Domodedovo Regional Plan, revealing concentrated growth along transit corridors
Prototypical concept plan of a village within the study area, 'Parcel 64'
Prototypical concept plan of a village within the study area, 'Parcel 69'

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81,600 ha (200,000 ac) | Network of Transit-Oriented Villages designed to accommodate dramatic population growth by 2020


Design completed 2007