Envision Utah


Salt Lake City Region, Utah

Envision Utah has become a model for regional planning across the United States. The project arose out of an effort to educate the public and decision makers about the issues and consequences associated with rapid growth in the greater Salt Lake City Region of Utah. Projections showed the region growing from 1.6 million residents in 1998 to more than 2.2 million by 2020 and more than 5 million by 2050.

The Envision Utah project included the development and modeling of four regional growth scenarios that clearly illustrated the consequences of varying growth patterns and transportation investments. The scenarios ranged from a low-density alternative with predominantly auto-oriented development to a high-density transit-oriented alternative with more compact growth and higher levels of infill and redevelopment. Extensive public outreach formed the foundation of a Quality Growth Strategy for the region, which was adopted by the Utah State Legislature in 1999 and has informed regional and local decisions ever since.

Scenarios Comparison (pink is new development area)
Quality Growth Strategy: Open Spaces
Quality Growth Strategy: Centers
Quality Growth Strategy: New Land Developed (Yellow) and Infill (Purple)
Workshop Photo
Scenarios Modeling - Baseline/Trend vs. Quality Growth Strategy

Project Summary



Envision Utah (Salt lake City, Utah)


Regional Plan


Regional visioning project for 10-county Greater Wasatch Area including scenario development, extensive public outreach and local design studies | Final products included a Quality Growth Strategy and a Comprehensive Vision for the Salt Lake Region



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