Fresno South East Growth Area Specific Plan


Fresno, California

Fresno is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Rapid growth and suburbanization over the past few decades have led to disinvestment in its downtown, spiraling increases in auto use, a transportation system under stress; and significant water supply, energy and public health challenges. Empowered with an understanding of the environmental, fiscal and community health impacts brought about by its current development pattern, Fresno is now embarking on a more sustainable future in the design of its South East Growth Area (SEGA).

The SEGA Specific Plan creates a comprehensive blueprint for future growth in Fresno and the Central Valley by illustrating how compact transit-oriented land use focused on the pedestrian and community can protect valuable agricultural land, spur broad-based economic development and make judicious use of limited infrastructure dollars. While seeking to accommodate high population growth, it also aims to meet the aggressive greenhouse gas reduction targets mandated under State Assembly Bill 32.

SEGA Illustrative Plan
1/2-Mile (10-minute) Walking Distance to Centers in SEGA Plan
Sample Modeling Results (Trend vs. SEGA Plan) : Preliminary/Pre-EIR Analysis
Illustrative of Urban-Agriculture Interface in the SEGA
Illustrative of Rural Cluster Development in the SEGA
More than 600 people attended the SEGA Alternatives Workshop

Project Summary



City of Fresno, California


Specific Plan


Master Plan design for 9,000 ac (3,640 ha) area with a Specific Plan that focuses on compact, sustainable development and innovative management of interfaces between urban and agricultural areas


Draft Specific Plan completed Fall 2008