Ivakino Master Plan


Khimki Region, Russia

Situated less than 25 kilometers (16 miles) from downtown Moscow, Ivakino is poised to benefit from Russia’s growing economic capacity.  The Khimki region in which Ivakino is located is currently experiencing rapid growth, due largely to the need for housing near the Capital.  Additionally, the 115 hectare (284 acre) Ivakino site is just 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) away from the Sheremetyevo International Airport.  As Moscow looks for new areas in which to concentrate its growth, the Ivakino site will be an attractive candidate with its pristine natural character and proximity to the Moscow River. 

The Ivakino Master Plan combines a variety of land uses, building types, and natural features to create a vibrant urban community.  By reconfiguring existing components of an approved plan and incorporating various new design principles, the Master Plan presents an organized urban form for the site’s future growth. Three boulevards radiate outward away from a central 2.3 hectare (5 acre) park with two of the boulevards terminating at a school, an opportunity for architecturally engaging landmarks and a geographic commitment to the prominence of civic institutions.  Envisioned as the 'heart' of the new community, the Central Park is the focus of a larger network of open spaces including a greenway to the north, pocket parks, and shared courtyards dispersed throughout residential neighborhoods.  Wooded areas are preserved to maintain the existing character of the site.  

Master Plan Illustrative
Master Plan Circulation Diagram

Project Summary



Limitless LLC (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)


Neighborhood Master Plan


115 ha (284 ac) site outside Moscow | 4,750 DUs | 15,000 sq m (161,000 sq ft) retail


Design completed 2009