Louisiana Speaks


South Louisiana

Initiated in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005, the Louisiana Speaks planning process yielded a physical plan and policy framework that comprehensively address South Louisiana’s needs for recovery and smarter, safer, more sustainable growth.

Louisiana Speaks included the most extensive public outreach process ever undertaken for a planning project in the United States. More than 1,000 participants participated in six hands-on workshops and more than 23,000 citizens engaged in a Regional Vision Poll. The project utilized computer modeling to build and test the effects of different land use, transportation, storm protection and restoration scenarios for a variety of safety, livability, and transportation indicators. The scenarios represented possible futures based on historic patterns, emerging trends, and different policy directions.

The final Louisiana Speaks plan, which was adopted by the Louisiana Recovery Authority in 2007, lays out a clear path towards a more sustainable future for the 25,000 square mile South Louisiana region. It includes massive environmental restoration, and growth focused within existing cities and towns around targeted transit and storm protection investments.

Regional Plan Map
Scenario Building and Modeling Diagram
Workshop Photo
Page from Newspaper Insert
Baton Rouge Visualization: Before
Baton Rouge Visualization: After

Project Summary



Louisiana Recovery Authority & The Center for Planning Excellence (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)


Regional Plan


Comprehensive regional visioning project for a 25,000 sq mile (64,750 sq km) area impacted by 2005 hurricanes | Included scenario development and the largest public process in US history | Final products included regional vision maps and detailed action



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Awards:2008 CNU Charter Award 2008 Louisiana Chapter APA Award 2008 Louisiana ASLA Award