Green City Metro Manila


Manila, Philippines

Throughout Southeast Asia, the effects of unchecked urbanization are written across the landscape – the modernization of rural economies and rapidly expanding middle-class are changing the very fabric of traditional communities. Large-scale deforestation, loss of farmland and streams; and unmitigated pollution are causing irreparable damage to the ecology and way of life.

Green City Metro Manila, a new town of 405 hectares (1,000 acres) for 500,000 inhabitants, will be a departure from the current trend of development in the region. The design adapts the best features of traditional communities to modern living while preserving natural systems, thus enabling development in a more sustainable manner. By establishing a framework of villages and town centers that respect the ecology and reinforce transit, the New Town will build a sense of community, health and nature into daily life. With the village as the fundamental building block, it aims to nurture a way of life that sustains diverse needs and encourages regional identity and prominence.

Project Summary



Town and Villas Inc. (Manila, Philippines)


New Town Master Plan


Plan and Development Standards for a 405 ha (1,000 ac) New Town


Design completed 1997