HDR | Calthorpe participates at United Nations COP-22 (Nov 2016)

HDR | Calthorpe was invited to participate at the twenty-second Conference of the Parties (COP 22) summit at Marrakech, Morocco in November 2016. As part of the "Progress of China’s Low Carbon Planning" event, Mitali Ganguly gave a presentation on "Low Carbon Planning in China" highlighting the methodology adopted by HDR | Calthorpe for compact, transit-oriented planning and design at the city and neighborhood level. Case studies presented included recent projects in Jinan and Zhuhai.

Peter's article on Autonomous Rapid Transit on CNU's Public Square

Every new transportation technology impacts the geography of our communities and the structure of our lives. Autonomous vehicles (AV) are one such technology. Just as our freeway system or the streetcar network shaped our cities and lifestyles, AV will remake the metropolis once again. The question is how? And in so doing, with what unintended consequences? As with most technology, it depends on how it is used. 

Peter speaks at Calgary

Peter Calthorpe was invited to speak to a group of over 300 planners, city officials and planning enthusiasts at Calgary's ongoing 'Second Wednesday' Presentation Series at the Calgary Public Library. The talk touched upon, among other topics, the importance of a regional perspective in planning, innovative design strategies, the use of data in tracking planning trends and future scenarios; and included discussion of his projects in North America and Asia.

Peter speaks at Politico's 'What Works: Denver'

Peter Calthorpe was among the experts invited by Politico Magazine to participate in a breakfast conversation about the future of cities as part of their yearlong reporting project, What Works.

Peter's new book published - a TOD Manual for Low Carbon Cities in China

Peter's new book "Transit Oriented Development in China - a Manual of Land-use and Transportation for Low Carbon Cities" , co-authored with Baojun Yang and Quan Zhang was published by China Architecture and Building Press in January 2014. 

Peter Calthorpe among 'Top 100 City Innovators Worldwide'

Peter first introduced the concept of Transit Oriented Development (TOD) in his 1993 book "The Next American Metropolis: Ecology, Community and the American Dream". Since then, TOD has been the main focus of his work in the United States and around the world, most recently in China.

China's Ghost Towns

Though see-through buildings are the worry now, the real problem with China's ghost towns may come when they are full. Once people begin to live in the poorly-designed new towns, they will come face to face with their automobile-oriented design. According to Peter Calthorpe:

Q&A with Metropolis Mag


Metropolis Magazine sits down with Peter Calthorpe to talk about Transit Oriented Development as an organizing principle for changing the face of urbanism in China; about high speed rail in California; and about Architecture 2030. When asked about the future of the American suburb, Peter replied that it:

"Cars will not define cities of the future"

"The age of the highway city is over, we can't afford it, and it's not desirable," said Peter Calthorpe, speaking at Fortune's Brainstorm Green conference in Laguna Niguel, California. HDR | Calthorpe argues that as more of the world moves into urban environments -- he says there will be 3.5 billion people living in developing world cities by 2025 -- they will want fun, livable urban places. Cities can be all those things, he says, without being designed with cars in mind.