The man had a plan long ago - now it's reaping rewards

Fifteen years ago, Peter Calthorpe was just another Bay Area visionary with an imaginative intellect and absolute conviction about how the world ought to be.

Today, ideas still tumble in all directions when the 56-year-old Berkeley planner speaks. But now his client list ranges from the sheikh of Dubai to the state of Louisiana, and he's about to receive an award from a developer trade group with 30,000 members.

If HDR | Calthorpe feels the slightest awkwardness at being honored by an industry that many intellectuals instinctively loathe, he isn't letting on.

New Urbanism: It's in the Army Now

Belvoir is Fort Belvoir, a military post. And the Villages, 15 New Urbanist towns, are on-post housing for soldiers and their families.

The first, Herryford Village, was occupied last year: 171 town houses and houses designed in a local Georgian Colonial style. It has a Main Street with shops and a clock tower, playgrounds, and village greens with open-air pavilions and centralized mailboxes where residents can socialize informally. There is not a tin hut or cinderblock house in sight.