NOMA Specific Plan


Washington, D.C

The North-of-Market (NOMA) study of the area just north of Union Station in Washington, D.C., was inspired by the planned construction of a new convention center that created the potential for associated development. The project included two study areas, each with different goals and thus requiring different revitalization strategies. The west Mt. Vernon area will become a mixed-use area with an emphasis on housing. The east North Capital area will diversify the city’s economy with mixed-use development that will act as an incubator for technology companies.

In an area long dominated by large single-use office buildings, the plans for both areas will diversify land use and bring vitality to the neighborhoods. Additionally, the plan seeks to preserve and promote an existing arts community. Along with programs to support the addition of housing and high-tech industries, urban design controls were enhanced to allow lofts and artist studios in converted warehouses and other infill locations. The plan also reinforces the structure of L’Enfant’s famous radial boulevards with new and rehabilitated buildings that orient to the streets.

Project Summary



City of Washington, District of Columbia


Neighborhood Plan | Urban Infill


Revitalization of 200 ac (80 ha) of underutilized neighborhoods in the Mount Vernon and Union Station districts


Design completed 2007 | Implementation ongoing