San Elijo Hills Village Center


San Marcos, California

The San Elijo Hills Village Center is a mixed-use project nestled in the rolling hills of North San Diego County near the town of San Marcos. Surrounded by single-family neighborhoods, the Village Center is a unique mixture of retail, office, civic and high-density multi-family uses framing a central Village Square.

The San Elijo Village Center is strengthened by two major arterials that carry traffic directly through the heart of the community.  Within the Village Center, the arterials split into a double-couplet, creating an urban grid of one-way streets that frames the Village Square and creates a pedestrian-friendly environment.  This 'main street' arrangement allows mixed-use buildings greater public access and higher visibility.

A school site adjacent to the Village Square combines an elementary and a middle school along with a public library; and in contrast to many contemporary suburban schools, the main classroom building lines the street.  This arrangement helps to frame the Village Square and enables students to walk to nearby uses, such as a bookstore, housing or the community park.

Project Summary



San Elijo Hills (Carlsbad, California)


Neighborhood Plan


Mixed-use Village Center for 90 ac (37 ha) site | 180 DUs | 130k sq ft (12k sq m) mixed-use retail | 22 ac (9 ha) school | 20 ac (8 ha) community park


Design completed 1999 | Construction ongoing