St. Andrews Master Plan


Wanneroo, Australia

The St. Andrews Master Plan embodies the principles of smart growth. Comprising of a series of neighborhoods and activity centers, it incorporates the existing communities of Two Rocks and Yanchep; and has been designed to accommodate incremental future growth.

Each neighborhood in the Master Plan has its own unique character and identity while retaining common design features such as narrow tree-lined streetscapes enlivened by front-porches; neighborhood centers offering shopping and services; and schools within easy walking distance of most homes. Mixed-use Village and Town Centers are distributed throughout the site, providing shopping, schools, services and recreation amenities in close proximity to housing. Several business parks provide employment opportunities, in addition to smaller offices in the mixed-use centers; thus fostering a vibrant live-work community. An elaborate system of parks and greenways weaves through the site, establishing active and passive recreation nodes and reinforcing the site’s dramatic coastal setting. 

A transit corridor traverses the site, changing in character from a job-rich employment boulevard in the south to a mixed-use residential zone in the north. Connecting all the disparate neighborhoods and activity centers, the transit corridor has a mix of higher density residential and employment uses and connects to the regional rail network.


A mixed-use transit boulevard will become a central spine for the site.
Intimate residential neighborhoods cluster around mixed-use centers.
Major roads split into urban couplets at activity centers.
Local streets form a cohesive network of circulation for people, bikes, & cars.
Employment-rich land uses are found in centers and along the transit boulevards.
‘Green fingers’ of open space connect an inland national park to the coast.

Project Summary



Tokyu Land Corporation (Tokyo, Japan)


Sub-Regional Master Plan


Mixed-use TOD Plan for 4,050 ha (10,000 ac) site | 67,000 DUs | 150,000 population | 40 schools | 233k sq m (2.5m sq ft) retail | 1.25m sq m (13.4m sq ft) office | 570 ha (1,400 ac) open space


2002 - 2006