Major Transit Corridor Investment Study


St. Louis Region, Missouri

As part of a Major Transportation Investment Analysis (MTIA) for St. Louis’ transit agency, HDR | Calthorpe worked with Parsons Brinckerhoff to evaluate six potential LRT alignments in the St. Louis region, to aid in prioritization of transportation funding. 

In determining how millions of transportation dollars should be allocated, federal policies have historically downplayed or ignored the potential for urban revitalization and pedestrian and transit-friendly development. Conventional modeling of future transportation needs is biased towards modern trends of auto-reliant suburban growth. With light rail transit as a catalyst, growth can be directed toward opportunity sites in underutilized industrial, strip-commercial and depopulated residential areas.

Data including parcel-level land use, property value, and environmental constraints were distilled into measurable indicators using Geographic Information Systems (GIS). This technical analysis was combined with a more qualitative analysis of the relationship between urban design, land use, and travel behavior to identify opportunities for re-development and revitalization. As a direct result of HDR | Calthorpe’ analysis of T.O.D potential, an in-street alignment was selected for one of the corridors over a previously favored freeway-median alignment.

Rail Line and Land Use Analysis
Rail Line and Land Use Analysis Zoom
Illustrative Study Area

Project Summary



East-West Gateway Coordinating Council (St. Louis, Missouri)


Transit Corridor Plan


Rail alignment study for St. Louis Transit Service Area including scenario development and detailed redevelopment analysis