Triangle Square


Austin, Texas

Triangle Square occupies a prime site for urban infill, located at the confluence of three of Austin’s ‘Smart Growth Corridors’, two miles (3 km) from the University of Texas campus and downtown Austin. For years the site was underutilized due to the difficulty developers and community residents were facing in achieving a mutually acceptable plan. Through extensive citizen participation and careful planning, the Triangle Square Neighborhood Plan was created that develops the site to its full potential, with a mix of residential and neighborhood retail.

Organized around a traditional 'main street' with two anchor stores, al fresco dining and entertainment options, the plan features a wide range of housing options including ‘flex-space’ units to provide for a variety of incomes and household types. The 'main street' is the civic focal point not only for residents of Triangle Square but also for surrounding neighborhoods.

The development of Triangle Square has helped knit together the surrounding city fabric. To further enhance connectivity and access, the arterial streets enveloping the site are to be redesigned as pedestrian-friendly boulevards and a light rail line has been proposed adjacent to the site.

Interactive fountain at central public courtyard
Public workshop
Mixed-use core with residential above retail
Mixed-use fronting bocce court
Site access from West 47th
Site Plan

Project Summary



State of Texas General Land Office (Austin, Texas)


Neighborhood Plan | Urban Infill


Public process and Master Plan for 22 ac (9 ha) site


Design completed 1997 | Constructed 1999