Smart Growth Twin Cities


Twin Cities Region, Minnesota

HDR | Calthorpe was the lead consultant for the Smart Growth Twin Cities process, initiated by the regional government for the seven-county Twin Cities Region to coordinate future land-use and transportation planning efforts to preserve and enhance the region’s quality of life. The planning process incorporated community input as well as local cities’ comprehensive plans and regional transportation policies. As a result, three alternative development options were created, each illustrating a different growth pattern and resulting impact on regional housing diversity, transportation choice, public infrastructure costs, air quality, preservation of local agriculture and the environment. In addition to regional scenarios the SGTC process included designing six local ‘opportunity sites’ to test the concepts and to educate the community about their assets and development options.

Hands-On Public Workshop
Alternative Regional Scenarios (New Growth in Pink)
Centers and Corridors Map for Smart Growth Plan
Compostie Map of Smart Growth Plan
Opportunity Site Illustrative Plan
Photosimulation of Opportunity SIte Implementation

Project Summary



Metropolitan Council (St. Paul & Minneapolis, Minnesota)


Regional Plan


Regional visioning project for a 3,000 sq mile (7,770 sq km), 7-county area with a population of 2.6 million | Included scenario development, public outreach and community site planning | Final products included Blueprint 2030 and a comprehensive Vision M