Umm Al Quwain Master Plan


Umm Al Quwain, United Arab Emirates

Located just 40 kilometers (25 miles) from Dubai, the emirate of Umm Al Quwain, with its ancient villages and historic sites, forms a sharp contrast to Dubai’s exuberant architecture. The project site, located at the end of a peninsula, has a 200-year old fort as well as a fishing village. The design challenge was to use the site’s unique existing typologies while creating a sustainable and vibrant new district.

The Concept Plan uses a mix of residential, retail and commercial uses to form a variety of centers and neighborhoods. It emulates traditional architecture and planning while adapting it to contemporary needs, such as using an irregular block pattern to create beautiful human-scale streets while controlling traffic speeds. In the Old Town, sensitive infill provides modern infrastructure and amenities without disrupting the historic fabric. The addition of a ferry terminal, souk and office buildings along the waterfront develops this area to its full potential and preserves public access to the water's edge. An enhanced fishing port adds value while retaining jobs. New waterways provide alternate routes and visual interest and connect new resorts, offices and souks to a central sheltered harbor.

A new neighborhood commercial district featuring public space and civic uses
An aerial rendering shows a large courtyard in front a mosque
Master plan shows a variety of uses, new waterways, and old town revitalization
Old town revitalization includes sensitively-designed infill and public spaces
The heart of the project holds a new enclosed harbor lined with public promenade
Project overview showing area's overall low skyline and important ecology

Project Summary



Limitless LLC (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)


Master Plan


Master Plan for 255 ha (630 ac) site including revitalization of existing fishing village | 6,000 new DUs | New office, retail and hotel development


Design completed 2009