West Bench Master Plan & General Plan


Salt Lake Valley, Utah

HDR | | Calthorpe worked with the Kennecott Land Company and Salt Lake County to develop an environmentally sustainable Master Plan for more than 90,000 acres (36,440 ha) of mining land reuse and new development along the western edge of the Salt Lake Valley in Utah. The site represents a rare opportunity to accommodate a significant share of the region’s future growth in transit-oriented, context-sensitive centers and neighborhoods.

The Master Plan is the product of eight years of detailed and comprehensive design studies, development programming, environmental study, capacity analysis, public workshops, and scenario building and modeling. It features a community structure based on a hierarchy of walkable mixed-use centers, a balanced transportation network, a rich open space network, and terrain-responsive residential types.

Following completion of the Master Plan, HDR | | Calthorpe produced the Land Use, Urban Design and Transportation Elements of the Salt Lake County West Bench General Plan. Together, these three elements present an integrated framework for shaping sustainable growth that expresses the intent of the Master Plan and sets a standard for future development in the Salt Lake Valley. The Master Plan and General Plan guidelines will continue to guide permitted development on the site.

West Bench Master Plan
Little Valley Design Study
Neighborhood Residential Place Type
Mining Lands Along the West Bench

Project Summary



Kennecott Land Company (South Jordan, Utah) & Salt Lake County


Master Plan | General Plan


Mining land reuse and new development | 93,000 acres (37,000 ha) | 163,000 DUs | 8.1m sq ft (753k sq m) Retail | 25.8m sq ft (2.4m sq m) Office | 24.8m sq ft (2.3m sq m) Industrial


Site planning completed 2006