Xiaomaidao Master Plan 青岛小麦岛


Qingdao, China

Xiaomaidao is to be Qingdao’s premier retail, entertainment, cultural, office and hospitality destination. The plan incorporates a variety of land uses and building types and invests in substantial infrastructure improvements, turning the area into a primary activity node on the city’s stunning coastline.

Named for its dramatic natural island, the Xiaomaidao plan consists of three parts - a mainland area, existing Xiaomai Island, and a new crescent-shaped island in the south. The mainland area features an urban shopping complex flanked by a series of office buildings opening out to the sea. Xiaomai Island will have a terraced pedestrian shopping mall, complemented by a cultural center and hotels. The crescent island features a 180-meter (590 feet) tall five-star hotel rising out of the sea at its western tip, offering a dynamic landmark as a sharp contrast to the city’s skyline. Long term stay hotel accommodations occupy the rest of the island.

The master plan is built upon sustainability strategies that respect the tradition, culture and environment of Qingdao. With the exception of the iconic tower, the plan maintains the island’s low-rise profile, with building locations designed to channel views out to the sea and distant islands. The design gives careful attention to orientation, air quality, water usage, green roofs and the protection of existing vegetation. A connective trellis network between buildings, in conjunction with a palette of natural & indigenous building materials, green roofs and extensive landscaping, help create a distinctive personality for the site.

Project overview from north, featuring the mainland office and commercial areas
The master plan shows the project's mix of uses and varied geography
Xiaomai Island retail area at waterfront with iconic hotel
An occupied bridge links the mainland and island retail zones
Project overview from the south, showing the sweep of the crescent island
An exploded view of the island's retail district

Project Summary



Limitless LLC (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)


Master Plan for New Growth Area


Master Plan for 47 ha (116 ac) site including a 14 ha (35 ac) island and a 15 ha (37 ac) constructed island | 800k sq m (8.6m sq ft) commercial uses including office, retail and hotels


Design completed 2009